Let My Words Be Few


As a writer it’s easy for me to over use my words sometimes…figuratively speaking, in those moments my words are a great chocking ball in my throat that fights to come out and be heard.  The problem is, not everything I have to say is worth hearing…not everything I have to say is edifying or above reproach (Titus 2:8) like I desire it to be.  If we’re honest, we all face this at some point in our life, don’t we?  The truth is, sometimes we all can get so busy talking about life and purpose that at some point we find ourselves living on the outside of those very things…living out by our words alone instead of action…we exist instead of thrive.  We stand idle instead of learning…we regress instead of grow.

Brothers and sisters, sometimes the thing to do is to stop talking and simply live, learn, grow, thrive, and love.  Stop and take a breath…breathe in the truth of God all around you and let it change you from the inside out.  Be more than words…be purpose…be truth…be change…be more.  Do all of this in the passion and pursuit that Jesus has so lovingly displayed to us in His Word and in our lives every day.  Don’t be the one that misses out on God’s beautiful purpose for your life because you’re busy trying to over talk about it.

Take in Solomon’s wisdom:

“Don’t talk too much, for it fosters sin.  Be sensible and turn off the flow…” (NLT)

We have to do more than just talk about change in our life…we have to live that change.  We have to do more than just talk about a future vision for ourselves, our families, and God’s people…we have to reach out and seize it.  Our desire to see the truths and purposes of God in our life come to fruition has to be greater than our surface desire for other people to hear about it and be impressed by our sentiments.  Because that’s what all our words are until we work with God to see them fulfilled…just sentiments.

We have to reach beyond the surface if we want to experience change….and if we want the words we say to carry any purposeful weight at all…we have to be willing to turn off the flow of them sometimes and let our actions alone speak the truth of God’s purpose in our life.  Sometimes that very thing is indeed the best thing.

“You are God in Heaven and here I am on earth…so I’ll let my words be few.  Jesus I am so in love with You.”  –Matt Redman


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